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Our most talented WildStar Cosplayers went to the EuroCosplay championship finals which was held 14 days ago during MCM Comic Con london. Orena took on the role of Buck Wanderbeck, the Exile Explorer from your announcement trailer. Within her performance over the competition, Orena needed to perform small sketch and asked our English Community Manager and ex-voiceover Mark “Anlath” Hulmes to provide the audio.

The WildStar team attended other sellers along to be able to meet Buck err we mean Orena, within the flesh, ask her some questions and off course take pictures.

When did first you start cosplaying and the way long do you think you're carrying it out?
I ran across cosplay on a local convention near where I became living and that i wished to use Cosplay like a mean to raise my tailoring knowledge.

I've made my first cosplay during the past year for Japan Expo.  I'd been cosplaying a male character coming from a video gaming in those days.

Why did you may cosplay like a WildStar character and why Buck?
I actually loved the look of Buck inside announcement Trailer.  That has been fashionable real challenge for me since the costume was complex: open shirt, several components of armour and LEDs. Used to hesitate for some time before picking Buck due to this contest.

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